Entry Memorial Garden

The garden at the entrance is almost done. Pavers, plants, borders, irrigation are all done. We need one more bench and some more touch up and it will be ready for business. If you’d like to see the name of a loved one who is not with us any longer, see the office to get a plaque we will mount on a paver brick.

Pin Your Adventure...

A new addition to the main building this year is a place to put pictures and information about trips you have taken around the state. There are brochures of various sites to visit as well. This will allow park residents a central location to research adventures and activities to do while at Ridge Manor Campground.

Once you have visited a new place, pin your own pictures and tell others about the trip!


In Memory Of Marianne

Our long-term friend and park mother has passed away. Marianne Van Broekhoven was the owner of Ridge Manor Campground for almost 30 years and it is with a heavy heart that we say our last good-bye. Marianne enjoyed the time spent at the park and looked forward to each new season to catch up with the many friends she became close with. She will be missed.

ali and mom - Copy.jpg

Season Beginnings

We just had a great picnic with our community to kick off our new season. We also have to show tons of gratitude to our residents for pitching in to clean up after the storm that blew through here last weekend. We had neighbors helping all over the place and we are all very appreciative that our group can come together to show our community is so strong!


Exercise Bikes

We have a couple new additions in our Clubhouse! Two new recumbent exercise bikes are here for everyone to use. They are adjustable for comfort and have wheels to position easier. Check out our onsite fitness guru Earl showing them off!

Ridge Manor Flora

Here are a few pictures of the park during summer for all of our snowbird residents. We have been getting a lot of rain, so our trees and grass are very happy. We even have a decent amount of plants showing off their color. When you come back, you'll see a few new baby trees around the grounds too.